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Pelham Hall and the land thereabouts was bequeathed to a group of Trustees in 1965 who then handed over their running to a "Committee of Management", the forerunners of today’s Pelham Hall Committee. The original Committee had eight members, representing various church bodies, the village WI and now defunct bodies such as the Youth Club and the Mothers’ Union.

The Hall was to be used for purposes of "a social recreational or educational character" and "games, books, newspapers, periodicals and other literature" should be provided. The Committee was of course tasked with the maintenance and improvement of the Hall and, in 1992, it was responsible for the replacement of the old building with the superb facility which exists today.

The needs of the village have changed over the last half century, but the original purpose of the Committee remains unchanged. Whilst its composition has changed radically, and the need for newspapers etc has disappeared, the Committee is still responsible for all aspects of the Hall, its maintenance, its development (recent improvements to the bar area for example), its hiring and its use.

The Hall is run by Trustees as a charity, it is non profit making, any profits from events being re-invested in the Hall or provided to local charities. Committee members freely provide their time to manage and run events at the Hall. The Committee is always looking for new ideas or opportunities; equally, new members are welcomed during the AGM in May every year. Anyone who wishes to take part or find out more should email

The operation of the Management Committee is governed by two documents, the original 1965 Conveyance and an amendment document dated Feb 2nd 2015 and agreed by the Management Committee, and approved by the Charities Commission on March 31st 2015.

Committee Members for 2015/2016

Chairman David May
Secretary Ros Robertson
Treasurer Anne May
Events Group Cindy Holton
Buildings Group Roger Forbes
Tennis Club rep Sue Dean*
Cricket Club rep Phil Harris*
W.I. rep Maggie Tudgay
Bowls Club rep Annie Oakeley
Church rep Sarah Haeffner
Trellech Community Council repAdam Burtt-Jones
Other voting members John Bradley
 Janice Harrhy


Non voting

AGM Notices and Minutes

Minutes of meetings (from September 2014 - in public domain)

Minutes of meetings (Pre September 2014 - accessible to Committee only)