The Penalltimate Edition - a new resource for the village 

Following the success of the recently launched website, a printed newsletter might seem like a step in the wrong direction. Why print and deliver, using resources and time? Isn’t the website the perfect resource for sharing information?

We understand that some village residents cannot access the internet or do not use a computer. For this reason, we are printing a newsletter for issue to the entire village. We intend to print and publish shortened versions of content from the website in this newsletter. It will be delivered, we hope, quarterly. It’s going to be free, supported in the future by advertising or sponsors.

Is there any content you would like to publish? Is this even a good idea?

We’d love your views about the Penalltimate Edition and about the website too. Please email, or place a letter in the postbox next to the entrance door at Pelham Hall marked ‘newsletter feedback’.

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