Penallt's broadband provision has undergone a large change since early 2013 when few residents experienced download speeds in excess of 1-2 Mbps.

The situation today is that those in the northern and southern parts of the village have the availability of fibre to their premises (FTTP) and many are now connected to the internet in this way. Those in the largest (central) part, connected to the cabinet (no. 20) in Lone Lane, are not so well served but have nevertheless benefited a good deal by a microwave link to Monmouth provided by Spectrum Internet in 2013 and, more recently, by BT Openreach bringing fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) in summer 2017.

The pages in this section of the website relate to all aspects of the provision of broadband to Penallt

BBC interviews (January 2018) - BBC Radio Wales interviews with two residents about their broadband issues

The situation today (October 2017)

BT broadband - relates to bringing fibre to cabinet 20 as well as the FTTP solution in Tregagle

AB Internet - the story of the mast near The Craig

2013 broadband project - a comprehensive collection of documents relating to the Penallt broadband association and the appointment of Spectrum Internet