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Penallt is rather poorly served by broadband. Those living close to Redbrook receive an acceptable speed of over 2 Mbps but this dwindles to next to nothing in other parts. Little is likely to change unless residents take some action, the best way being to join the Penallt Broadband project.

The project was begun late last year and started with a survey of the whole village in December 2011. Details of the survey are here and an analysis of its results can be found here.

This was followed up by the formation of the Penallt Broadband Association in early May 2012 to continue the work started in the previous months.

A village meeting was held on Wednesday 30th May 2012 - see here for a summary.

October 2013: "Two years on" - a report regarding the conclusion of the project.

July 2012: click here for a news story about developments since the village meeting and for the next steps