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Penalt WI, in association with Pelham Hall

Forget the Jam and Jerusalem reputation – we never sing Jerusalem although we may make very tasty jam in the comfort of our own kitchens. Our meetings are social events for anyone who wants to come along, and over the last few years we have been building up a reputation for the excellence and variety of our speakers.

We meet on the first Thursday of the month to enjoy an evening in good company and we welcome members and non-members alike. We even have a core of gents who attend regularly so no-one need be shy of coming along to Pelham Hall to join us for any of our events. Our regular visitors, and hopefully the first-timers amongst you, know that

a) we're not intimidating
b) the bar is open, and
c) we have very good speakers.

We do charge a small fee from visitors to help cover the costs – although it's free if you are a member of Penalt WI. This year we will be charging non-Penallt WI members, the princely sum of £4.00; good value for an evening out! A good audience is always appreciated by a speaker who's prepared a talk, had to travel to the Hall, probably from some distance, and willingly turned out on winter nights in, possibly, dreadful weather.

The 2017 meetings programme is published here.

Contact details

President: Ros Edmunds 01600 860153
Trish Hayward 01600 712864
Sarah Haeffner 01600 712349