Penallt Footpath Group - November 2020 update


In these days of lockdown and social distancing the Penallt Footpath Group have been somewhat frustrated in not being able to carry out some significant projects to improve signage and access to the extensive footpath network in our area.

Other than encouraging our community to clip back greenery whilst out on your walks we have been reluctant to encourage group activities but we are hopeful that 2021 will bring an opportunity to involve a larger group of you in improving the network. We have also secured the support of Monmouthshire Council in replacing some of the more unstable stiles and finger posts.

In the meantime a small group of us have worked to clear one particularly problematic path – that is the Public Footpath from Pentwyn Farm through the Gwent Wildlife fields, past Glyn Farm and down to Glyn Road. In particular, the section where the path lies between two fences (see red shaded path on map). Several parts of this route had become very overgrown with large bramble becoming quite dangerous to penetrate.

After more than 40 “man” hours of work by an intrepid band in socially distanced working we have now cleared the route to allow easy access. Debris removal will be looked at some time next year, and work will also be required to reduce regrowth.

You should now be able to walk this route with confidence as the pictures below show.

Top of path from the gate is now jungle free! Green debris is stacked in piles on the left.

  1. Starting to clear the middle part

  2. Middle part now penetrable - a job well done!

Thanks to Jan Winder, Ian Bristow, David and Anne May for their hard work.


Bob Scarr - Penallt Footpath Group co-ordinator.