Penallt Footpath Group: May 2020 update


For the last 12 months the Penallt Footpath Steering Group (FSG) have been working on surveys of all the footpaths in our “Parish” - they have collected lots of data, taken loads of pictures and even done some path clearing. The aim of this survey activity is to be able to work with Monmouth County Council to try and improve these paths – maybe new stiles, new bridges, better signage or removing large blockages. There have been several meetings with MCC and the FSG have been entering lots of data onto the MCC paths database to highlight issues.

The next steps were to be twofold: firstly to work with MCC as outlined above and secondly to invite a large group of interested villagers to work with us on “green maintenance activity” - that is cutting back vegetation encroaching onto the local footpaths.

Both of these steps are now on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, there is something that we can do as individuals whilst we are in this situation, and that is minor maintenance whilst we are out walking our favourite footpaths. So, if you are out and about on the footpaths why not take a pair of secateurs with you and do some minor work when you see some encroaching bramble or small overhanging branch – if all our walkers do a little bit each time we are out then perhaps we can keep some of the nasties at bay. Please don’t take out power tools or larger implements – leave this to MCC.

When we get through the Covid-19 issue (and we will) the FSG will revert to our preferred approach of organising small groups to tackle these issues, organising village walks, promoting path “champions” etc – for the moment let’s do what we can.

Many thanks to anyone who can help out.

Your FSG