Penallt footpath meeting in Pelham Hall report


Meeting Report

Some 20 or so residents attended the meeting described below and heard Brian Mahony explain what problems were faced by The Narth some 4 years ago and how they solved them. A copy of Brian's presentation is available here.

The main outcome is that the meeting resolved to set up a similar structure to that which Brian described, the first step being to set up a steering group of some 4 or 5 people.

This would be followed by work surveying all 27 km of Penallt's public rights of way and then working parties would be set up to carry out the necessary remedial work on the ground.

We now need to find out who would like to be involved in this work, now that the scope is better understood. So, if you would like to take part in some way, please complete the straightforward feedback form here - by Sunday March 3rd - to let us know.


Original meeting notice

If you agree that there is an issue about some of our footpaths, would you be prepared to volunteer help in improving them?” 

39 villagers replied positively to the question above, posed in a recent village survey.

The challenge now is how to take this forwards from here as, without some sort of structure, interest could fizzle out and we’d be no further on.

The survey also mentioned that “Villages such as The Narth have recently taken steps to improve the condition and signage of the public footpaths in their area”.

So anyone with an interest in this topic is invited to a meeting where Brian Mahony of The Narth can explain exactly how his village has gone about tackling a similar issue there. The aim is that the meeting will act as a catalyst for developing a Penallt solution too.

Meeting Date: Monday February 25th

Meeting Time: 7 pm

Meeting Venue: Pelham Hall bar area