Website Advertising for Penallt area Holiday Cottage Owners


The current Penallt website is having a makeover! The updated website will be launched soon and will include a section which advertises local enterprises which will include space for those with holiday cottages in Penallt to let.

The advert below for The Generals Cottage is an example of how each property could be advertised with a direct one-click link to the existing individual availability and booking process for the specified property. This is achieved by clicking the image in the example below.

The above is reduced in size. Click here for the full size (and clearer) image.

As above, adverts will all show in a dedicated website section entitled Accommodation easily found by visitors to the website.

Adverts will display in a different order each time the pages are viewed giving all adverts an equal number of ‘first’ positions.

The advertising cost for being included will be £50/year for each property.... just £1/week! And this income will help towards the running costs of the new website.

No payments will be due until the new website goes live in early 2021.

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