Feral cats in Penallt? Do you know who they are?


From Allen Davis
We (and The Boat) have been visited by a feral cat since October, and in late October two small kittens turned up as well. John at The Boat, and we, when we are around, have been feeding them. Our neighbours, Margaret and Keith Wrightson, suggested yesterday that the mother might well not be feral, but a stray from somewhere else in the wider environs of Penallt.

This seems plausible because she, unlike her kittens, is prepared to approach people and come indoors. The pictures below (click for enlargements) show mother, and shots of the kittens taken in late October. Unfortunately the black and white kitten has gone missing over the last couple of weeks. We were intending to try to catch mum and kitten, and get them neutered, but maybe someone might identify the mum.

If anyone knows anything more about the cats, please contact Allen.