Thursday Social marks Roger's return from Mexico


Social Night - Thursday 30 September

The bar was opened at 18:45 and saw approximately 8 regulars, who were joined by a group of tennis players after their normal Thursday evening session. There were 4 members of the table tennis crew practising in the main hall as well.

It was good to see Roger Forbes return following his month in Mexico having received HSCT treatment to halt the progression of his MS. He was very touched to receive a meal voucher for the White Horse, Staunton from Committee (and Events) Members and sends his heartfelt thanks.

The Chairman and Treasurer were tasting/sampling a number of the wines for future purchasing also.

We look forward to seeing new faces at the bar over the coming weeks. Next Thursday is the monthly Fish and Chip evening. All welcome to come and enjoy your fish and chips in the comfort of the bar whilst enjoying a drink or two!