Penallt oil syndicate


Do you want to save money on your Heating Oil bill?

The Penallt Oil Syndicate has been running now since July 2016, is free for all village members to join and is run by Neville Pullen. All that is required to join is a completed Membership Form which can be downloaded from here (Word format) or here (pdf).

How does the syndicate work? 
When a member requires oil they contact Neville who circulates an e-mail to all syndicate members advising of the request, asking for further orders from the other syndicate members. The Minimum order amount is 500 litres and the maximum is 3000 litres, and all order quantities achieve the same discounted price. We need to order a total of 6000 litres or more at a time to get the best price and once this amount has been requested a number of local oil suppliers are contacted to get the best price.

The order is then placed with the cheapest supplier and an e-mail is sent to the members who have requested oil, advising them of the company with whom the order has been placed, the price per litre achieved and a contact number for the oil company concerned. The individual members then make contact and pay for their individual order directly with the supplier.

What savings are possible?
To try and give an indication of savings achieved, I have gone through my personal usage since setting up the syndicate, comparing the price we achieved with the highest of the top three prices following the ring round. The average saving over the 33 months the syndicate has been running was 1.264p per litre and a personal saving of over £140.

There is currently no fee to join but we are looking to charge a fee of around £10 per annum, which will be donated to Pelham Hall to help with running costs.

To contact Neville please phone 01600 712650 or e-mail