RSS feeds


The RSS icon RSS.gif, which appears on many pages within this site, signifies that you can subscribe to the information which appears listed below it. For example, you can set your email software so that an email is automatically sent to you, informing you of each new item on the list.

How to subscribe
Firstly, you need to find out the web address of the RSS feed you're interested. In the example which follows, the Forthcoming Events feed shown on the Home page is selected and its address shown by hovering the mouse over the relevant icon:-

RSS demo.gif

The web address of then appears in the status bar at the bottom of the browser page. Either make a note of this address, or simply copy it to the clipboard by right-clicking on the RSS icon and selecting Copy Shortcut from the pop-up menu which appears.

What happens next depends on what software you have. For example, if you use Microsoft Outlook as your email software, you can right click on the RSS Feeds menu item in the Mail Folders pane and select Add a New RSS Feed... from the pop-up menu.

Add RSS.gif

Then enter the previously captured web address (URL) into the New RSS Feed window and press Add:


Outlook should then download feeds from the Forthcoming Events list. Each new item appears as a new email.

Other email software doesn't have the same RSS facility. Some can include it via an RSS plug-in however. Alternatively, there are many free RSS readers which can be downloaded from the internet ...