Do you know where Pentwyn Lane is?


Delivery drivers find Penallt a frustrating place owing to the inconsistency of road naming in the village. Some roads have no names at all, whilst others have end points which are not well known (e.g. where Glyn Road ends and Lone Lane starts). The recent installation of brand new road name plates has not clarified this either!

Phil Harris recently sought clarification from MCC and received the following reply, along with some maps:

From the Street Naming and Numbering Officer for Monmouthshire:
I have attached plans showing the names of the roads in the Penallt area. Each one apart from ‘Craig Road to Penallt’ is recorded on the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) as a Type 1 Officially Named record. ‘Craig Road to Penallt’ is a Type 2 Officially Described record, as it holds a description rather than a name it is able to be officially named. The NSG is the definitive source of street names and within Monmouthshire it was compiled using the historic record held by the Council with the primary source being the Highways Register. This Register dates back to the 1940s.

The Emergency Services use Monmouthshire County Council’s Local Land & Property Gazetteer and the street information is all linked up to the NSG.

Royal Mail can cause a few problems when it comes to addresses in rural areas as they very often don’t include the road name in the postal address, their PAF (Postal Address File) is used by the majority of companies and services. Royal Mail will add the road name into a postal address at the resident's request but this will mean a postcode change. This is because the postcode is issued to either a locality or a road, most rural postcodes are issued to localities so this is why you often find one postcode serving a large amount of house in an area.

Here is the link to the Street Naming & Numbering Page, where you can find our Street Naming & Numbering Policy and Appendices that you may find interesting with regards to naming and renaming roads. Royal Mail’s PAF Code of Practice is in the appendices.

The four attached maps have now been aggregated into one larger map, a small version of which is shown below. Click it to bring up a larger map where the detail is more visible. It shows, for example, that the "main road" through the village is called "Pentwyn Lane".

road names in Penallt thumb

Maps (not to scale) showing the position and name of every house in the village are also available here.