65 bus update - Easter service changes


7th April 2020

All bus users are informed that the W, 65 and 75 Services will not be running on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday, Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday 14th. Services will recommence on Wednesday 15th of April.

[MCC Passenger Transport Unit]

2nd April 2020

Latest post from MCC Passenger Transport Unit.

"Good evening all,

After careful consideration the decision has been made to withdraw ALL Monmouthshire Saturday bus services until further notice.

This is not a decision taken lightly and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Stay safe."

Monday - Friday service is continuing as normal for the present except for last bus from Chepstow to Monmouth which has been suspended. We understand that last Saturday, on the three bus routes that MCC run directly, they only carried one passenger between them.

We have heard how much Rob, the driver, appreciates all the waves he is getting from people as he drives along the route. They really are helping him to keep going, so please encourage as many waves to him as possible.

27th March 2020

All non essential travelling is to cease. However, the service will continue to run where used for essential travelling to and from work and also for essential food shopping.

This should be the only reason you are travelling. Please, unless absolutely essential, STAY HOME.

The final service of the day leaving Chepstow for Monmouth at 17.15 has been withdrawn for the present.

23rd March 2020

The latest update on the 65 Bus service posted this evening by Gareth Emery the MCC Passenger Transport Unit Fleet Manager:-

"Good evening all I want to update you on the 65, 75 and W Service buses.

Following the government's broadcast this evening at 20:30 all non essential travelling is to cease IMMEDIATELY, the service will continue to run as this is used for essential travelling to and from work but also for essential food shopping this should be the only reason you are travelling, please unless absolutely essential STAY HOME.

And a massive thanks to Rob for his dedication to the 65 service."

19th March 2020

Friends of the 65 Bus wrote to MCC to ask if they could give us an update on the 65 Bus service. We were pleased to receive the following helpful reply from the Passenger Transport Unit Fleet Manager:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and to re assure you that given recent events I have taken the decision not to withdraw or reduce the service.

Given it is a life line for most users travelling to and from work, I feel reducing the service is not required as the frequency is already quite low so doing this would have a big impact on service users.

This is under review daily however. Should anything change I will relay this information to you promptly to keep you informed."

Many thanks to MCC and all of our drivers. We are sure this reply will be welcomed by passengers who have a continuing need to use the 65 Bus."

18th March 2020

"Like so many parts of our daily life, the 65 Bus has hit difficult times. Many of our passengers are in “at risk” groups and everybody is trying to follow Government advice to minimise non-essential travel. We know that passenger numbers have fallen this week, but we also know that we have people who are relying on the 65 Bus as they have no other way of going about their life. We are all grateful to Rob and the other drivers and to MCC for keeping the service running so well for us.

We should also be grateful to everyone who has supported the 65 Bus so positively over the last two years since it came close to being lost. We know that through all of this effort it has been carrying more passengers and is in a stronger position now that it has been for many years. It will be ready to play an important part in the recovery that we look forward to after the emergency has diminished. It is no coincidence that ITV News came here this week to feature the 65 on their news programme about “better bus services”.

The 65 Bus is now a vital and much loved part of our communities. Many people already give it a wave when they see it passing through – it’s a good way to show your support.

Take care."