Fri 28th February: Films on The Narth - Sorry We Missed You


(2019) 101 mins

Director: Ken Loach
Writers: Paul Laverty


Ricky (Paul Scholes-lookalike Kris Hitchen) is a “grafter” who has never been on the dole. He’s a Mancunian living in Newcastle. His wife Abby (Debbie Honeywood) has a job on a zero hours contract as a carer for the elderly. Many of her clients are incontinent or suffering from dementia.

Ricky and Abby have two children, a rebellious 15-year-old boy (Rhys Stone) who expresses his angst at the world through his graffiti, and a bright and precocious 11-year-old girl (Katie Proctor). They’re a close-knit family but they’re in debt.

In order to keep working, Ricky joins the “gig economy” as a van driver delivering parcels. Laverty’s screenplay takes a grim pleasure in detailing the distorted language that his employers use. He is working “with” them, not “for” them.

He doesn’t get wages but charges fees. He is his own boss – but he has no rights and no control over his hours. The van hire system is mind-boggling in its complexity. He is told that his hand scanner (the “gun”) is the most precious object in his life. It enables customers to track their packages and his bosses to keep tabs on him.

Nominated for a BAFTA in the "Outstanding British film of the year" category.

The Guardian: "Ken Loach's superb swipe at zero-hours Britain - I was hit in the solar plexus by this movie, wiped out by the simple honesty and integrity of the performances." (5 stars)

The Independent: "The British director cares deeply about his characters and makes the audience care too.  He and Laverty pursue their story to its logical conclusion, ending the film in a way that is both ingenious and devastating." (5 stars)

The Telegraph: "Sorry We Missed You finds Loach at his most insightful and clear-eyed." (4 stars)