Fri 26th July: Films on The Narth - Sometimes Always Never


(2018) 91 mins

Director: Carl Hunter
Writers: Frank Cottrell-Boyce 


Released on June 14th so not yet widely reviewed, Sometimes Always Never is about a man, searching for his missing son, who follows conflicting clues and tries to mend his broken family. It is described as a family/mystery/detective story with a touch of fantasy and Scrabble.

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce (who wrote the script for the London Olympics opening ceremony). Set in the north of England, with Bill Nighy and Sam Riley, it is in turns intriguing, strange, funny and moving.

The all-British cast also includes Jenny Agutter, Tim McInnerny, Alice Lowe and Alexei Sayle.

The Guardian: "Riley, Lowe, McInnerny and Agutter are all superb in their roles and the Scrabble face-off with McInnerny in an early scene – together with its highly surprising second encounter the following morning – is carried off with wit and flair. This film is a distinct, articulate pleasure." (4 stars)