Fri 24th May: Films on The Narth - Mary Poppins Returns


(2018) 130 mins

Director: Rob Marshall
Writers: David Magee


Fifty-four years after the original film, the Mary Poppins sequel breezes in from the heavens. It’s a very classy affair, which pays homage to its predecessor while eventually establishing an identity of its own. Emily Blunt is a rather more glamorous nanny than the one played by Julie Andrews back in 1964.

With her red lipstick, her curt, precise diction and her effortless poise, she looks like a 1930s British movie star. She may not dispense spoonfuls of sugar but she still knows just how to make a new generation of Banks children jump to her bidding.

Emily Blunt is a delightful Mary, with Ben Wishaw and Emily Mortimer as the now grown up Jane and Michael Banks, Julie Walters, Colin Firth and cameos from Meryl Streep and Dick van Dyke. Glorious, joyful fantasy for all ages.

The Guardian: "While it may not be practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins Returns is never less than perfectly palatable, and in some ways comes close to perfection – practically speaking. If that sounds like damning with faint praise then rest assured; coming from a Poppins obsessive like me, it’s a ringing endorsement." (4 stars)

The Telegraph: "If I don’t say it, another critic will: Mary Poppins Returns really is practically perfect in every way." (5 stars)

The Independent: "In an era of superhero franchises where sequels to successful movies turn up almost instantly, Mary Poppins’s return shows that sometimes it pays to wait. Half a century on, her allure hasn’t faded at all." (4 stars)