Fri 28th June: Films on The Narth - Green Book


(2018) 130 mins

Director: Peter Farrelly
Writers: Nick Vallelonga, Brian Hayes Currie  


It’s 1962 and Tony (Viggo Mortensen) is in need of employment as the club he works at undergoes renovations while Donald (Mahershala Ali) is in need of a driver to take him through the deep south for an upcoming tour.

He’s aware of the troubles that he might face in different locations due to the colour of his skin and requires someone to act as both staff and protector.

Tony isn’t an obvious choice, he’s as rude as Donald is refined and his views on race are problematic to say the least, but he carries with him the muscle that Donald is sure he’ll need and so the two set off.


Green Book has picked up a wide range of awards including Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actor in both Leading and Supporting roles, for Film Editing and for Screenplay.

The Guardian: "Ali beautifully captures the complexity of the man who juggles whiskey-soured, morning-after regret with a stubborn pride in his true self." (3 stars)

The Independent: "Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali give this civil rights fairy tale a lift." (4 stars)

The Times: "Ali’s performance is painstaking, immensely moving and highly deserving of the awards coming its way: you will never again be able to think of Nat King Cole’s smile without also wondering what that smile must have cost him." (3 stars)