Fri 26th April: Films on The Narth - Leave no Trace


(2018) 109 mins

Director: Debra Granik
Writers: Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini


Director Debra Granik and her team made their names with Winter’s Bone (which also made a star of Jennifer Lawrence). There are similarities here: disconnected, broken people worn down by circumstances, set in wild landscapes.

An army veteran and his daughter, who have lived off-grid for years in the Oregon forests then taken in by social services, set off on a difficult journey back home. A stunning and affecting film.

The Guardian: "Granik here conjures a low-key drama about cultural and generational divides that is alternately gripping and melancholic, but always shot through with the unmistakable ring of truth. The result is work of overwhelming, understated power that quite simply took my breath away." (5 stars)

The Telegraph: "Subtle but assured to the end, Granik’s film is all undertow, but it irresistibly grabs you." (4 stars)

The Independent: "Leave No Trace is a subtle and enigmatic drama which straddles the line between escape to the wilderness-style folklore and hardboiled social realism." (4 stars)