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Two days last October (2014) were devoted to drop-in sessions in Pelham Hall where ideas of a community-led plan for Penallt were on the agenda. One proposal which emerged strongly from the sessions was that of the introduction of traffic speed limits to the village. Penallt currently has no limits and many residents were keen that this anomaly should be addressed.

Debby Blakeborough, our Independent local Councillor for Trellech United is keen to assist with this and writes "This was one of the issues raised during the community led plan process. I have raised it with Monmouthshire highways and it has entered the bureaucratic machine, but a petition is always helpful in speeding the process a little."

So, if you support the proposal to introduce 30 mph speed limits to Penallt, please complete the online petition form below. Debby will then present it to the full Council (MCC).

We the undersigned request Monmouthshire County Council to implement a 30mph speed zone throughout the village of Penallt.

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