Penallt cemetery latest news


3rd July 2014
At its recent MCC meeting, the decision at cabinet was not to go ahead with the cemetery plans. The engagement session with the local residents provided helpful information and local knowledge of the boreholes contributed to the report which recommended that the site was not suitable. The Monmouthshire Beacon article of 9th July 2014 gives further background.

12th December 2013
MCC's cabinet met on Wednesday December 4th 2013 to discuss the site for the Penallt cemetery, this following the 18th November public meeting held at Pelham Hall "to discuss MCC cemetery plans to provide burial spaces in Penallt for Monmouthshire residents".

The cabinet were updated on the results of the survey carried out by Mott MacDonald on behalf of MCC. The 170 page report (available here) went into great detail on such topics as contaminant loading and groundwater risks and showed no impediment to the site being used as a cemetery. It recognised that there was a groundwater issue and recommended that there be no impermeable grave covers or other slabs and that graves be a minimum of 2 metres apart "wherever practicable". There should also be a "review of this contamination risk assessment should burial rates increase significantly above 12 graves per year".

A full list of conclusions and recommendation is available in the report.

After the cabinet meeting, Councillor Liz Hackett-Pain said "I would like to support the cemetery wholeheartedly. There is still a lot of ongoing work to be done ... The cemetery will be a reassurance to people in Monmouth and will give them the knowledge that they will have a place to be buried when they die".

17th October 2013
Testing of the field to the east of Penygarn Road and north of the main road into the village has indicated that it would be a suitable site for a cemetery. Monmouthshire County Council is now embarking on the work that will be necessary to put together a planning proposal and to establish the cost of providing a public cemetery for North Monmouthshire on the site. There will be an open afternoon at Pelham Hall from 3pm to 7pm on 18th November for members of the public to discuss the project with council officers and provide input to the process. Please drop in at whatever time suits you to find out more about the Council's plans and provide your input to the project.

If there are questions to which you know you will want answers, please let Debby Blakebrough or Tessa Murray know so that they can pass them on to the County Council team.

14th May 2013
Following a public meeting held in Penallt on 26 September 2011 at which representatives of Monmouthshire County Council explained that they were considering the field to the east of Penygarn Road and north of the main road into the village as a potential site for a public cemetery for North Monmouthshire, extended environmental testing of the site has been carried out.  This has just finished and the results should be available fairly soon.
The next steps will be for these results to be considered by MCC and then, if the site is suitable and the County Council wishes to take the project further, for discussions to take place within the Council and the community, including an information evening in Penallt, at which there will be a chance to look at proposals, ask questions and provide input to the process.
In the meantime, if you have comments you wish to make at this stage, or questions you believe will need to be answered, please send them to Debby Blakebrough or Tessa Murray who will collate them and make sure they are passed on to the County Council team.