Club History


A brief history is given below and more detail is available where the links indicate

This is thought to be the date when cricket was first played on a ground laid where the current tennis courts are sited

World War 2
The cricket ground was ploughed up in order to grow vegetables for the Dig for Victory campaign

1947 - 1954
Cricket played again on the original ground, but the club stopped in 1954; records show that Penallt cricket was next played informally in the early 1980s

Dick Hartley (Moorcroft owner) gave permission for the old ground to be used again and the club was formally restarted thanks to Dick, Bryn Boycott and Geoff Pugh

The current ground was acquired and a square laid, the inaugural match taking place on July 22nd against Worcestershire CCC

The old Pelham Hall was demolished and a new building erected, part of which is used as a cricket pavilion