Highlights from recent TUCC meeting


15 October 2012

Village Development Plans
Shirley Hughes explained a new process for community-led planning being facilitated by Adventa. The aim is for villages such as Penallt to establish what the needs of their community are, and to audit what is currently available. This should then provide both a set of requirements against which proposed developments (of whatever sort) can be measured, and lead to an action plan for things the community might choose to get on with. It will be particularly useful as input to grant applications.

The whole things starts with an open meeting for residents in each village; the expectation is that this will result in the formation of a steering group, made up of a good cross-section of residents, assuming that the general view is that the process is a good idea. The Community Council will debate at its next meeting whether to invite Adventa to go ahead and start the process for each village in the Council area.

MCC Highways Department
TUCC is asking the Monmouthshire County Council Highways Department to attend a meeting to discuss both how we can improve communications between them and the community, and how the process for getting things done works.

Scaffolding on the village green
There will be scaffolding on the village green for a short period whilst work is carried out to Gwent Wildlife Trust's barn adjacent to the Inn.

Copy of Audit
The audit of the council's accounts has been completed and signed-off. A copy of this and supporting documents have been posted on the noticeboard by the Babington Meadow.

Next meeting
TUCC meetings rotate around the villages in the community and the next one will be in Penallt, at Pelham Hall on Monday 19 November (7pm). Residents are welcome to attend.

Tessa Murray (tessa.murray@trellechunited.org.uk)

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