Highlights from recent TUCC meeting


 Trellech Community Council met on 19 November at Pelham Hall.  The draft minutes can be found here but here's a summary of some of the matters discussed:

  • Our new neighbourhood police officer, PC Rhydian Evans, introduced himself.  He is our first point of contact for local issues, and can be reached on 07813 892102 or peter.r.evans@gwent.pnn.police.uk.  Information provided in '101' calls will also be routed to him.
  • Paul Keeble from MCC Highways Department talked to us about the improvements that have been made to handling requests by his team, which deals with road network issues, including road safety.  (He is not responsible for maintenance.)  Requests will be acknowledged straightaway and an initial response provided within 10 working days.  If MCC does not intend to fulfill the request, this will be made clear; in the past, low priority requests sat at the bottom of a work list indefinitely, never getting far enough up it to be done!  
  • MCC has made decisions on two local applications:
    • 00498 Conversion of outbuilding at White House Farm approved
    • 00486 Conversion of Cae Dee Barn refused
  • A new application for the conversion of outbuildings at Meend Farm into a rural skills and education centre has been received and will be discussed at the next TUCC meeting.
  • The Community Council has decided to go ahead with the village audit scheme facilitated by Adventa, working with one village at a time in the ward.
  • The Council decided that it was not appropriate to provide financial support for the publication of a book by a local artist as this was for the benefit of an individual rather than the community as a whole.
  • The Council agreed to formally register all the village greens in the ward, to avoid future claims of ownership by third parties.  The necessary expenditure to achieve this will be considered by the Council's finance committee and a proposal put the the full council.
  • The next meeting is on Monday 10 December at 7pm at Llanishen Village Hall.