Mon 20th May: Pelham Hall AGM at 6.30pm


Why does this matter? It's the chance for the community to have their say and to determine who runs the village hall by electing the committee which serves for the next 12 months.

Who gets to vote? Any member of the Penallt community over the age of 18 (details are here).

Who is standing for re-election? The current committee is listed here. Nearly all are standing for re-election but new proposals are welcome too.

The Chairman is standing down, having completed his term of service, so there is an immediate need to fill the vacancy. Proposals for the role are welcome, both from within the existing committee and from the rest of the community.

Any proposals for new committee members (who need to agree to become Trustees of the Hall), and for the three officers too (two are standing again) should be seconded and made to the Secretary.