2013 broadband project


Back in 2011, anecdotal evidence suggested that there had been a problem regarding broadband access in Penallt for some time. However, there was no real evidence for its extent, so a survey was carried out in late 2011/early 2012 to investigate further. This revealed that the average broadband speed in Penallt is 1.1 Mb/s, whereas the national average is 7.6 Mb/s (Ofcom - November 2011). Penallt's speed is about 15% of the national average therefore. More details of the findings can be found here.

A small group was formed to tackle this problem. Various third party providers were considered as a result of which Spectrum Internet was commissioned to provide a microwave link between Monmouth and cabinet 20 in Lone Lane which solved the problem, at least for those connected to this cabinet.

The pages below form a record of how the project started, was developed and then completed in 2013.

The first four pages outline the position in late 2011/early 2012:-

What's the problem? - gives survey results

Why is there a problem? - reasons for poor broadband in Penallt

What solutions are there? - what mainstream broadband provision existed

Third party providers - outlines what other solutions were possible


Survey results - March 2012 survey of residents to gauge interest in having better broadband

MCC Survey - March 2012 survey associated with £45000 grant from MCC

May village meeting - first meeting with Spectrum with those expressing interest (May 2012)

Next steps - update on progress since May 2012

Penallt broadband association update - the position in October 2012, including funding


Press release Nov 2012 - details of work done and confirmation of contract with Spectrum Internet

November meeting - Spectrum explaining the scheme (Nov 2012)


Getting connected - advice on switching to Spectrum (Nov 2012)

FAQ - more on what the scheme should provide (Nov 2012)

Spectrum FAQ - Spectrum's own Q&A page (Nov 2012)

Spectrum update - messages from Spectrum/Penallt Broadband Association (Nov 2012 - Mar 2013)

New applicants - how to apply for those new to the scheme (Nov 2012)

May update - limitations of scheme with respect to The Birches and Tregagle residents (May 2013)

May summary - notes from the meeting regarding The Birches and Tregagle (May 2013)


Two years on - a review of the project's successes and continued issues (Oct 2013)