Third Party Providers ...


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... offer various ways of transmitting broadband:

  • Wireless
  • Microwave
  • Fibre to the village
  • Fibre to the home (expensive!)
  • Some combination of these

The Penallt Broadband Project has talked to four such providers – all have viable solutions and all cost money!

The most realistic solutions are going to involve substantial one-off 5 or 6 figure sums of money, followed by the usual monthly fees for broadband provision, similar to those most residents pay already, but for a considerably better service.


There are two main potential sources of funding:

Where next?

We are cautiously optimistic that we can find a good solution to the Penallt broadband problem via a third party provider. This means that we will shortly be selecting a provider and then applying for the necessary grants. This is likely to involve interested residents in further dialogue - a necessary process where large grants are involved - but the results should be well worth it in the end.

Some FAQs

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