Conditions of Hire of Pelham Hall



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  1. Pelham Hall Management Committee reserve the right to refuse bookings.
  2. A booking is PROVISIONAL until the hire charge (and deposit if requested) has been paid. The Full Charge must be paid 7 days prior to the event taking place.
  3. The rooms required must be specified when making a firm booking. If additional rooms are used the committee will raise additional invoices as appropriate in accordance with the published tariff.
  4. The hirer shall ensure that they read the Fire Emergency Plan for the Hall and ensure that the procedures therein are followed. Emergency Exits must be kept clear at all times.
  5. All rooms used must be cleared at the end of the booking period, with food, bottles, etc. put into the relevant bin liners and taken home as there is no refuse collection from the hall. If crockery etc. is used it must be washed and returned to its cupboards, drawers etc. If additional cleaning is required a charge will be deducted from the deposit.
  6. It is the responsibility of the hirer to leave the hall clean, tidy and secure and the end of the event.
  7. It is the responsibility of the hirers to ensure that proper order is kept during the period of the hire. Members of the committee may inspect the hall at any time and may terminate the hire immediately if the property is being abused or if any conduct of the users is contrary to public order or the law.
  8. It is contrary to the condition of our premises licence to allow alcohol to be brought onto the premises without prior agreement, either for private consumption or sale. Any infringement will lead to immediate termination of the event.
  9. Pelham Hall Committee is responsible for the running of the bar facilities.
  10. The number of people using the various rooms shall not exceed the following:

    Users of the hall are not permitted to use electricity supplies from the building to power amplifiers or loudspeakers outside the buildings. Power used in this way will be terminated without notice.
  11. The hirer agrees to abide by all the policies of the hall, including those relating to the consumption and sale of alcohol, child protection and equality and diversity which are available on the website and displayed in the hall.
    The hirer must therefore download a copy of the hire conditions form from here, print it out, sign it as requested and return it to





Main Hall




Lounge Bar



Committee Room



Users are reminded that the electricity supplies used outside the building, e.g. from generators, must be transformed down to a maximum of 110 V.


Pelham Village Hall is insured through Norris & Fisher Insurance Brokers Limited, Specialists in Village Hall insurance. The current policy is with ANSVAR INSURANCE, Policy no: CCP 2263233


Public liability insurance is available to charitable organisations, voluntary organisations, not-for-profit groups and individuals using our policyholder’s premises when hired or loaned out to them. All other hirers must ensure they have suitable insurance policies in place.

The full Summary of Cover is available to read or download here. It is recommended that you read this policy when booking the hall.

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