Sat 18th January: Pelham Hall Oils Group Workshop 1


Student's work at the end of their first lesson

Artist Tutor – Trevor Osborne

Traditional oil painting techniques for all levels of ability.

Exploring oil paint, mediums, colour mixing, brush and palette knife techniques.

The course will take you through all the techniques and skills you need to produce a still life painting in oils.

The intention is to give you the confidence, the knowledge and the techniques you need to work, independently, in oils.

"Oil painting is, in my opinion, the easiest medium to start painting in. It also offers an endless and diverse study for those who wish to take it further.

The intention of this course is to open the door to the enjoyment painting in oils offers, without the expense of the initial cost of materials and with the support of an experienced tutor."

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Refreshments are provided.

All materials provided and there will be a charge of £48 to cover these. All you need is a sketchbook, a pencil and lunch.


18th January 2020: Oils Group 1st Workshop (10:30 to 4:00) –  £45 per person per workshop.

14th March 2020: Oils Group 2nd Workshop (10:30 to 4:00) –  £45 per person per workshop.


Booking and payment for each workshop are via the online "TicketSource" system. Please click the button on the right to do so.

Places will be limited so early application is advisable. Contact Paula Brady if you need further information.


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