Chris Jones

Ever since I made my first pinhole camera at 8 years old I have been trying to capture what I see, but often in a slightly unconventional way. Pleasing images can be made by capturing the simplest of elements, you just have to open your eyes and imagine!

As a scientist, I have an endless desire to experiment, challenge and break the rules. I am currently mixing traditional dark room chemistry with digital technology, a process which works well with both small and large photographs so please ask if you require different dimensions.

It might all end in tears, but the journey will be fun!

Katherine Jones 

I studied architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University between 2008 and 2015 and I am currently working as a part time practising architect in Cardiff. As an artist I create 'object art', which is the curation of found and collected objects. I also draw landscapes and animals in pen, ink and watercolour paints.

My work draws influence from many cultures and art forms, combining these to create a style that is unique and contemporary. I find the beauty, detail and patterns of familiar settings and objects, and reinterpret these into my artwork.


Fellows Framing  

Fellows Framing is truly passionate about handcrafting personalised one-off bespoke framing, at conservation level where possible. They are a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and Framing.


Jane Blair

Ceramics first attracted me as a spring chicken after digging up clay and building a fire to cook my work. I have never lost the fascination of creating something impermeable from a completely raw material.

My work is all individually hand-built using red earthenware clay. I find this has a lovely feel to it and suits my method of working. A white slip wash is added and settles in and around the imagery and textures highlighting the details. This clean uncluttered way of working is ideal for expressing my interpretation of the countryside.

Quirkiness, humour and fun are what I hope you will also find in my work. If I can make someone smile, that's great!


Mary Cousins

I make stoneware and porcelain for domestic use. I love food, good company and feel there is something comforting about eating and drinking from handmade ceramics.

I wasn’t able to develop my career until relatively recently; a full time job doesn’t really give you time to improve techniques. I eventually found my own style and experimented with making my own glazes. My favourite, a soft jade green was a happy accident from a lapse in concentration while adding ingredients – a bit like my cooking. I like fresh clean colours.

Describing one’s influences is always difficult as the last potter I admired always inspires a change or addition which I think will make a big difference. I have Roman glassware to thank for swooping handles on some of my work, medieval pottery to thank for some bottle shapes and of course, like most people making functional ceramics, centuries of exquisite work from Iran, China, Korea and Japan never fail to thrill.

Ceramics shards, surviving across the millennia, provide a link to every potter’s work – you take mud, you shape it, you bake it and you eat off it. What could be more simple or more satisfying?


Made in Monmouthshire celebrate the creative talents of local makers, the skills of local producers and their roles in keeping alive traditions that have shaped the landscape. Members’ works will be on display in Babington Meadow and most pieces will be on sale.