Stephen Arnell


Following a long career as an aircraft designer, where one is constantly faced with finding an elegant solution to a set of requirements with imagination and flair, it was at an inspiring visit to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in 2009 that I realised that Art could offer a similar challenge.

Having worked in a 3D design environment, sculpture was the obvious choice, particularly in hot and cold cast bronze, offering the challenge of acquiring technical and artistic skills.

Watching working dogs in action was the initial spur for me to create limited edition sculptures with country themes, capturing that remarkable symbiosis between the dogs and their owners.

My range of subjects is continually expanding, the ‘Warhorse’ play and the WW1 centenary inspiring a range of evocative sculptures of soldiers and their steeds, but whatever the theme I try to avoid making very detailed and somewhat sterile scale models. Rather I try to capture movement and the moment, with enough detail to add realism but without masking the textures which are inherent to what I liken to my
'sketching in 3D' sculpting process.