Kathryn Willis


I was brought up and live in Monmouth and share a workshop in Usk with jeweller and silversmith Deborah Edwards. I studied Jewellery at Middlesex University and was awarded the Crafts Council setting up Grant in 1994. For many years I worked in FE running a thriving Art department, but have recently devoted more time to my own work. My work has been exhibited in Wales and internationally. I am a Member of the Makers Guild in Wales, The Guild of Enamellers and Made in Monmouthshire.

Colour and pattern have been a constant in my work. Living in Monmouthshire I find myself surrounded by beautiful colour. My current work investigates repetition, multiples and the textile industry of Wales. Being brought up in a house where handicrafts and textiles skills were highly prized and as a mother of twins the notions of multiples and repetitive actions are ones I find fascinating.

As a jeweller I am interested in transforming my ideas into wearable responses. I do so by manipulating sheet metal and enamelling with vitreous enamel in a kiln. The powered glass enamel is applied in many thin layers and often over a textured silver or copper surface. This is a slow process and involves the work being fired in the kiln many times to build up the surface and colour of the enamel.