Kate Wrigglesworth


I have developed over the years, an expressive form of painting, a poetic language with invented symbols and shapes developed from the environment in which I live.
The source of my work is based upon dreams, invented stories and created myths.

My work explores characters placed in different landscapes and interiors. These characters are fictional, figurative and sometimes abstract. Some of the characters are dancers, their positions taken from my knowledge and experience of dance.

I use colour emotionally to create mood and atmosphere and the compositions within my paintings is divided and partitioned into colourful sections. This style of working has been developed from my initial training in Theatre design where I worked in three dimensions to design sets for Ballet, Opera and plays.

My influences from art in history come from the French symbolists and German expressionists. Music, such as Debussy, Chopin and Jazz also influences my work. I make a connection between the notes of music and colour through my compositions.

I also use my own memories and life experiences to develop stories, which include our rural landscape and agricultural heritage. My work is nostalgic and I use my imagination to recreate the past fixing in time a snapshot; capturing it and making it definite.