Julie Turner


In a fast-moving, disposable society where paper and polystyrene are commonplace, the ceremonies surrounding drinking and eating are increasingly lost. My work is designed to hold small amounts of very rich, expensive tea and coffee, encouraging users to slow their actions and savour the experience.

My most recent work is inspired by antique silver scissors and Celtic love-spoons. These have developed into art pieces in their own right and have come to symbolise the varied nature of the modern family and the complexities of love and relationships.

I passionately believe that each piece of every set should be hand-made and hand-finished, so I use very few moulds, instead preferring to throw every cup, saucer and pot; handles and spoons are pulled whenever possible; the finest are extruded.

The patterned trays are the only pieces which are moulded. Each one is then finished by carving the settings of each piece into the pattern by hand.

I use Audrey Blackman Porcelain. Once bisque-fired, the pieces are dipped in a clear glaze and fired to 1280 degrees. At this temperature the glaze and clay body begin to melt into each other, giving the work its strength.