David Allnatt


David has been working with Ceramics for over forty years both as an educator and a maker. An opportunity to take early retirement from his post at Coventry University has enabled him to work full time on his own practice. Having recently relocated to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire he has established a new workshop. His close contact with the forest is a continuing source of inspiration.

He is more interested in the sculptural nature of the forms he creates than the functionality. The work attempts to capture the essence of ageing, growth and movement found in nature. The textured surfaces suggest the wearing away by wind and the drying and bleaching of the sun.

Most of the work is slabbed or coiled with the use of simple press moulds. The forms are constructed from various sections using a sandy red earthenware clay body which is then brushed and sponged with layers of coloured slops. The surface is then built up to a chosen density which is sometimes carved and incised. The surface is then painted with various oxides and other materials before applying a number of dry matt glazes. The pieces are then fired in an electric kiln, often several times, with the surface being rubbed back and re-glazed between firings in order to achieve the desired effect.