Kathleen Matthews - Textile Artist


I love the art of creating natural landscapes the challenge is to produce nature realistically as it appears while the fantasy side of my work creates the mystical magic of dragons, legends and my own imagination.

I studied at Lydney School of Art for three years then Cheltenham College of Art for a further two years. I have continued to study throughout my teaching career to improve and try new technologies and skills.

I often incorporate my art skills into my work combining painting onto fabric as well as dyeing fabric in various ways. I work mainly with cotton, viscose, chiffon and organza fabrics. Layering, gathering and distressing techniques I use to achieve secondary colours and texture to give three-dimensional appearance to the two-dimensional surface.

To finish my work I lay the finished picture onto cotton wadding with a cotton backing. Stitching through all layers I heavily machine stitch the picture with free machine embroidery using viscose or metallic thread. Some pieces I then embellish with hand embroidery stitches and finally add glass beads to achieve the final effect.

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Kathleen Matthews