Howard Jones


Although a professional artist for over six years, Cardiff-born Howard Jones has only recently entered the domain of public exhibitions. His most recent works show a very conscious move away from his earlier influences in not just subject matter but more noticeably, in style and technique.

In this relatively short professional time Howard has gained a rapidly growing client base both here in the UK and in the USA. He has long favoured watercolour as his chosen medium but again even more recently started exploring the versatility of mixed media

Experimentation has always been paramount and this is clearly reflected in the freshness of each new work. “In order to achieve any progress I feel it important to think of my art as being in a constant state of transition”

Howard is currently exploring a synthetic paper called yupo.

Despite having to decline an opportunity to attend Cardiff Art College in 1978, there has been very little lapse in Howard's commitment and dedication to his passion for art and his personal artistic development.

Now living in South Wales and producing work mostly inspired from his beloved Welsh landscape, Howard also runs watercolour classes in the Cardiff and Newport areas.

Howard Jones

Little beach - Isle of Skye